INDOOR Airsoft 
 Suited For Everyone 

We operate the premiere airsoft combat arena in Lake Stevens, Washington.

  • Experience point blank engagements
  • Indoor arena and large tented staging area
  • Enjoy a balanced, safe playing field
  • Many different game modes suited to our field

 Ages 9 and older


2pm – 7pm

All Day Pass


Rental Gun, Mask, and 1,000 BBs


5,000 0.20g BBs


Free Mask Rental

Reservation not required

One event per week
Show up, gear up, and play!

Buy your rental gun 

online to check-in faster

Intense, Fun, and Welcoming

Connect with other players and learn new combat tactics. Increase your effectiveness on the battlefield with a unique adventure.

Game Modes

Bomb Defusal

Stop the terrorists from arming the bomb.


First team to put their color on all four posts wins.


Survivors must last for 7 minutes, or zombies win.

Capture the Flag

Get to the enemy’s base and steal their flag.

Team Deathmatch

Red vs blue, unlimited lives, deathmatch.

Briefcase Push n’ Hold

Push the briefcase to their zone and hold for a minute.