Game Modes

Terrorists = T
Counter Terrorists = CT

Team Deathmatch

First team to get their flag on all four points within five minutes wins.

All players start in normal spawn areas and all players are medics.  When shot your hand goes up and you stay where you are.  When any team mate tags you, you are back in the game.

Capture the Flag
There are two teams with medics style respawn.  Two flags are placed on each side of the field.  First team to have both flags back in their point wins.

Teams are divided between attackers and defenders with the Referee playing the roll of the hostage.  The hostage can be directed to move by placing a hand on the hostage’s shoulder and guiding them. If the hostage dies both team lose.  The Hostage attempt to escape which can be thwarted by the defensive team when they put a hand on the Hostage’s shoulder.  The Offense has 5 minutes to complete their objective and rescue the hostage.  Defense must start in the back left room but can move themselves and the hostage to a different location.  The attackers start at the entry to the field. 

A team of two or three players are chosen as zombies.  The rest are survivors that spread out on the field.  When the zombie shoots a survivor, the survivor stands still and for 30 seconds aloud.  If a zombie tags you, you become a zombie and play from where you stand, otherwise continue playing as a survivor.  Only zombies have to go back to their spawn when they die after being converted.  Game is over when everyone is a zombie or time runs out.

Briefcase Push n’ Hold
The Briefcase is placed in the between CT and T spawn.  The first team to push the briefcase to their drop zone and hold it for a minute wins.

If you have an idea for a simple game mode we could play please bring it up to the admins there!