Terrorists = T
Counter Terrorists = CT

Bomb Defuse

Terrorists are trying to plant a bomb at one of two bomb sites. The Counter-Terrorists must stop them from planting the bomb by defusing it or eliminating all Terrorists.


First team to get their flag on all four points within five minutes wins.


A team of two or three players are chosen as zombies.  The rest are survivors that spread out on the field.  When the zombie shoots a survivor, the survivor stands still and for 30 seconds aloud.  If a zombie tags you, you become a zombie and play from where you stand, otherwise continue playing as a survivor.  Only zombies have to go back to their spawn when they die after being converted.  Game is over when everyone is a zombie or time runs out.

Briefcase Push n' Hold

The Briefcase is placed in the between CT and T spawn.  The first team to push the briefcase to their drop zone and hold it for a minute wins.


This plays like Team Deathmatch but each player can only respawn twice, after that you are out.  First team to eliminate the opposing team wins.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

Everyone is a terrorist, but there are traitors amongst you.  Traitors are selected in secret and when the round starts it's the job of the traitors kill the innocents to win.  Hopefully the innocents can figure out the traitors first.

TAG or Tag-In - Squads of 2-4 Battle Royale

The objective is to become the last squad standing. Taking down an enemy gives you the opportunity to "tag" them into your squad. After 60 seconds a player who has been hit can re-join their original squad if they have not been tagged in by another squad.

If you have an idea for a simple game mode we could play please bring it up to the admins there!