LAN Gaming Parties

Food, games, music, and a $15 cover.

LAN Party Room

40 people and their computers.

10+ classic games provided!

Tables, internet, wiring all provided!

Console Room

Xbox 360s on big screens

Multi Console Halo Battles

Wii U on a 1080p Projector

Chili, Chips, Soda, and more!

Warm chili and hot dogs

Lots of soda and chips

Veggie platter

Only $15 to get in!

Come and play with your friends!

All day access!

Food and drink!


Games we like to play together!


Guns of Icarus: Alliance
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rocket League
Left 4 Dead 2
Unreal 2004


Halo 2/3
Call of Duty
Super Smash Bros
Mario Cart
Need for Speed

We’re open to suggestions!