Staging Area (Tents, Parking Lot)

  1. Never point your weapon at anything other than the ground. If you leave your weapon on a bench or table unattended, you must cover the muzzle.
  2. Do not place a magazine in your gun while you are in the staging area. You must wait until you are inside the active play arena.
  3. Do not place your finger on the trigger under any circumstances, and keep the safety on at all times.
  4. Weapons may only be discharged when you are participating in an active game. Dry firing in the staging area is not allowed unless otherwise directed by an admin.
  5. When a match ends and you exit the active play area to return to staging, you must first remove your magazine and dry-fire your weapon at least twice to ensure it’s empty and safe. NEVER bring a loaded weapon into the staging area.

Gun Rules

  1. Every airsoft gun must be covered while commuting to and from EagleFreak until you have reached the staging area.
  2. Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs), Airsoft Electric Pistols (AEPs), and any BB propulsion devices that can consistently produce a safe BB velocity are 100% okay and permitted for use on our field.
  3. Propane, green gas, red gas, black gas, HPA systems, and any type of non-electric propulsion system are 100% okay and permitted for use on our field.
  4. Shooting randomly between matches is unsafe and strictly forbidden. Keep your gun pointed down and your finger off the trigger at all times when not in an active game round.
  5. Do not use bio BBs. Bio BBs are known to burst into fragments more often than regular BBs. You may bring your own ammunition as long as they are regular BBs.
  6. You must keep your whole hand and fingers wrapped around the grip of your gun when shooting. This is to prevent players from shooting too quickly. It’s too easy to rapidly twitch your finger to break the 8 BBs per second limit. This issue is most notable in HPA setups or high-ratio gear configurations.
  7. No external unprotected batteries mounted on your gun or person allowed. You must sufficiently protect your battery inside a battery box, or wrap it in enough layers of padding that a BB cannot hit the battery (this excludes hard case batteries).
  8. Red, green, and blue lasers, or any type of light emitting device other than a tactical or regular flashlight are not permitted. Any flashlights over 1000 lumens are not permitted as they are overpowered, unnecessary, and can cause temporary disorientation to a dangerous degree.
  9. Rental guns are not to be combined with .12g BBs. If you attempt to use .12g BBs with a rental gun it will damage the hop-up bucking inside the gun which renders it useless.

FPS Rules (Maximum Muzzle Energy)

  1. Muzzle energy limit for all airsoft weapons regardless of BB mass: one (1) joule.
  2. FPS limit for .12g BBs: 423 FPS.
  3. FPS limit for .20g BBs: 328 FPS.
  4. FPS limit for .23g BBs: 305 FPS.
  5. FPS limit for .25g BBs: 293 FPS.
  6. FPS limit for .28g BBs: 277 FPS.
  7. FPS limit for .30g BBs: 267 FPS.
  8. FPS limit for .32g BBs: 259 FPS.
  9. FPS limit for .36g BBs: 244 FPS.
  10. FPS limit for .40g BBs: 231 FPS.
  11. FPS limit for .43g BBs: 223 FPS.
  12. Any BB mass is permitted. If you plan on using high mass BBs, you must pass the chrono with your BB of choice. Joule creeping (AKA overvoluming) can easily increase your muzzle energy past the limit. You must have your gun evaluated, and your BB mass tested by a scale for confirmation. If your weapon does not qualify for use at Eaglefreak, it likely requires physical modifications to the internal components.
  13. If you bring your own BBs, it is recommended you store them in the original container or keep that container with you to prove you are using that particular BB mass. Do not lie or attempt to claim ignorance about your BBs. Using high mass BBs may lower your FPS, but your gun will most likely have an increased muzzle energy as a result.
  14. RPS limit is 8 BBs per second or 480rpm (no full auto or burst allowed).
  15. If you are using an HPA (High Pressure Air), GBB (Gas-blowback), NBB (Non-blowback), or any other type of internal or external tank system, your weapon may have to pass the chronograph several times throughout the day. Ambient air temperature affects pressurized tanks and may inadvertently increase muzzle energy.

Engagement Rules

  1. Firing blind is illegal, but as long as you have line of sight and knowledge of your target’s location, you can pull the trigger. This includes using tactical mirrors or shadows & sound when pre-firing around corners.
  2. Only fire your weapon while it is pointed inside the boundaries of the active play area.
  3. Semi-automatic fire only, no fully automatic fire, controlled burst fire, computer aided burst fire, or sustained firing faster than 8 BBs per second.
  4. You are either alive or dead, do not play dead to deceive your enemy.
  5. Do not shoot players with their hands in the air. Listen for “Dead man walking!”
  6. Don’t use people as a barricade, but feel free to tell dead men walking to get out of the way!
  7. There is no “bang bang” or safety kill rule. We operate with no minimum engagement distance. If you have a rubber knife or foam sword you may gently tap them and whisper “melee/knife kill”.  Otherwise, simply shoot to hit them. Stabbing motions and aggressive swings are forbidden.

What to do if you are hit by a BB:

  1. If your clothes, gear, helmet, or anything else on your person are hit, you are dead and must respawn according to the rules of the current game mode.
  2. Call your hit out loud or make a significant effort to show your enemy that you have been hit; this is mandatory. You must be courteous to your enemy and let them know you have been hit. This helps prevent overshooting.
  3. You are allowed to call your hit and the team that you are on to inform nearby teammates that you are down. Raise your hand, not your weapon, and say “Dead man walking!” as you move.
  4. If your gun is hit, you must call your hit normally or call a “gun hit”. If you call a gun hit, you must stop using that gun and can only use any other gun you are carrying like a pistol. You can’t call a gun hit twice in the same life. You may not call a gun hit to go knife only. After you are hit a second time during a gun hit life, you must respawn. You may not call a gun hit if you are hit in a weapon that you are not actively using (a holstered pistol doesn’t count as a gun hit). Concurrently if you are hit in the gun and the body at the same time, you may not call a gun hit.
  5. If you are dead you may not communicate in any way with any players in game except to tell them you are hit and which team you are on.
  6. Re-spawn rules will be explained before every round.
  7. Do not call other people’s hits.  If you notice someone not calling their hits talk to a ref, we will watch them closely and take appropriate action.
  8. If you and another player shoot each other (AKA a trade), you are BOTH out. You are NOT allowed to continue playing without respawning if you are hit with a BB. It doesn’t matter if you hit them first. If you experience an issue with a player shooting you after you shot them, inform an admin and we will take steps to educate said player on proper conduct. No exceptions unless otherwise directed by an admin.
  9. Ricochet hits do not count. Sometimes it is hard to determine if it was truly a ricochet, but the feeling of reduced power when you are hit could also simply be a lower power gun. If you are not sure, call the hit anyway because the respawn is only a few seconds away.

Arena Rules

  1. No one is allowed to drink alcohol or smoke cannabis on the premises in association with EagleFreak LLC.
  2. Smoking tobacco and vaping are only allowed in the designated areas. DO NOT bring your vape pen into the airsoft field in your pocket or gear.
  3. You must sign a waiver before playing.
  4. Full seal polycarb or stamped mesh protection is required for your eyes.
  5. You must be wearing eye, mouth, face, and ear protection to participate in any scenario or game.
  6. Do not climb on anything.
  7. Do not throw anything on the field (excluding grenades).
  8. Cyclone grenades or any grenades specifically designed to propel BBs are permitted.
  9. Combustible grenades or any type of firework are not permitted.
  10. Thunder B grenades or any devices designed to emit a loud sound are not permitted.
  11. 40mm grenades in any form are considered overshooting and are not permitted.
  12. Do not move anything on the field.
  13. You may not switch teams once assigned, unless the game mode specifically allows it or if a ref asks you to.
  14. Aggression, bad attitudes, intimidation, yelling, and any form of physical altercation is grounds for immediate ejection and permanent banning from the field.  We will call the police if necessary.
  15. Do not remove your eye protection for any reason before, during, or after a match while on the field (including de-fogging). If you have to defog or cannot see in front of you, yell for a ref or teammate to guide you out of the active play area.
  16. If a player loses their eye protection or has a medical emergency during a game, they should yell “cease fire!”. If you hear this, make sure you repeat it (echo) to other players.
  17. You may gently slash with boffer weapons, rubber training knives, and nerf swords. Aggressive stabbing, swinging, hitting is not allowed.
  18. Realistic weight riot shields are the only carried object that can block a BB hit on your person. Any active game object you are carrying like the bomb or the suitcase still counts as a hit. A lightweight transparent riot shield can be used but you must call hits on it.
  19. You must carry an airsoft gun every match, melee only is not allowed.
  20. There are no tactical gear requirements to play at Eaglefreak. The only thing required other than your eye, face, and ear protection is a functional airsoft gun.
  21. Do not delay the start of the round by talking over the admin or you will sit out for that round.
  22. Mil spec, real steel, or any ballistic plates designed to absorb real bullet impacts are not allowed to be used inside your plate carrier. This is considered cheating. Bulletproof vests or any other real steel type of ballistic protection are also considered cheating. Heavy fabric or multiple layers are usually okay but don’t over-do it.

Overshooting Rules

  1. You may shoot a player a max of four times per four seconds.
    • If they do not call themselves out you should tell a ref as soon as possible.
    • Overshooting is considered a foul and misconduct.
  2. Any shooting by players which is deemed by the referee to be unfair will be penalized.
  3. The referee has considerable discretion when enforcing our rules; in particular, the offense of “unsporting behavior” which may be used to deal with most events that violate the spirit of the game, even if they are not listed as a rule.


  • Sit out a round:
    • Talking over the ref when explaining rules or game mode.
    • Not calling your hits.
    • Any form of delay of play.
  • Kicked for the day:
    • Continued disregard of the rules.
    • Bad sportsmanship of any kind.
    • Talking back to the ref in any negative manner.
    • Claiming ignorance of the posted rules.
  • Banned forever:
    • Fighting.
    • Physical threats.
    • Arguing and creating a disturbance.
    • Racial slurs and any form of bullying.
    • Knowingly deceiving the administration.
    • Premeditated aggression (overshooting someone because you don’t like them).