Gun Rules

  1. Every airsoft gun must be covered while commuting to and from EagleFreak, and on premises until you have reached the staging area.
  2. Weapons may only have a magazine installed when it and you are participating in an active scenario or game.
  3. Weapons may only be discharged when you are participating in an active scenario or game, or at the test firing range.
  4. Do not delay the start of the round by talking over the admin or you will sit out for that round.
  5. Do not point your gun at someone unless you are in a game and they have their eye protection on. Keep the barrel straight down pointed at the ground, no exceptions unless you have a barrel plug or bag.
  6. Do not use bio BBS. You may bring your own ammunition as long as they are regular BBs.
  7. You must keep your whole hand on the grip of your gun when shooting. 
  8. No external unprotected batteries mounted on your gun or person allowed. You must sufficiently protect your battery inside a battery box, or wrap it in enough layers of padding that a BB cannot hit the battery. (this excludes hard case batteries)

FPS Rules (Maximum Muzzle Energy)

  1. FPS limit is 328 with .20 BBs or 1 joule regardless of BB mass.
  2. RPS limit is 8 BBs per second or 480rpm (no full auto allowed).

Engagement Rules

  1. Firing blind is illegal, but as long as you have line of sight and knowledge of your target’s location, you can pull the trigger. This includes using tactical mirrors or shadows & sound when pre-firing around corners.
  2. Only fire your weapon while it is pointed inside the boundaries of the active play area.
  3. No full auto or burst, semi only.
  4. You are either alive or dead, do not play dead to deceive your enemy.
  5. Do not shoot players with their hands in the air. Listen for "Dead man walking!"
  6. Don’t use people as a barricade, but feel free to tell dead men walking to get out of the way!

What to do if you are hit by a BB:

  1. If your clothes, gear, helmet, or anything else on your person are hit, you are dead and must respawn. Call your hit and your team out loud so other players know where you are, the fact that you are out, and what team you are on. Raise your hand, not your weapon, and say “Dead man walking!” as you move.
  2. If your gun is hit, you can call your hit normally or call a “gun hit”. If you call a gun hit, you must stop using that gun and can only use any other gun you are carrying like a pistol. You can’t call a gun hit twice in the same life. You may not call a gun hit to go knife only.
  3. If you are dead you may not communicate in any way with any players in game except to tell them you are hit.
  4. Re-spawn rules will be explained before every round.
  5. Do not call other people's hits.  If you notice someone not calling their hits talk to a ref, we will watch them closely and take appropriate action.

Arena Rules

  1. No one is allowed to drink or smoke marijuana on the premises in association with EagleFreak LLC.
  2. You must sign a waiver before playing.
  3. Full seal polycarb or stamped mesh protection is required for your eyes.
  4. You must be wearing eye, mouth, face, and ear protection to participate in any scenario or game.
  5. Do not climb on anything.
  6. Do not throw anything on the field (excluding grenades).
  7. Do not move anything on the field.
  8. You may not switch teams once assigned, unless the game mode specifically allows it or if a ref asks you to.
  9. Aggression, bad attitudes, intimidation, yelling, and any form of physical altercation is grounds for immediate ejection and permanent banning from the field.  We will call the police if necessary.
  10. If a player loses their eye protection or has a medical emergency during a game, they should yell “cease fire!”. If you hear this, make sure you repeat it (echo) to other players.
  11. Boffer weapons, rubber training knives, and nerf swords are allowed, but you can only mock slice or slash, no stabbing allowed.
  12. You must carry an airsoft gun every match, melee only is not allowed.

Overshooting Rules

  1. You may shoot a player a max of four times per four seconds.
    • If they do not call themselves out you should tell a ref as soon as possible.
    • Overshooting is considered a foul and misconduct.
  2. Any shooting by players which is deemed by the referee to be unfair will be penalized.
  3. The referee has considerable discretion when enforcing our rules; in particular, the offense of "unsporting behavior" which may be used to deal with most events that violate the spirit of the game, even if they are not listed as a rule.


  • Sit out a round:
    • Talking over the ref when explaining rules or game mode
    • Not calling your hits
    • Any form of delay of play
  • Kicked for the day:
    • Continued disregard of the rules
    • Bad sportsmanship of any kind
    • Talking back to the ref in any negative manner
  • Banned forever:
    • Fighting
    • Physical threats
    • Arguing and creating a disturbance
    • Racial slurs and any form of bullying